About Us

Lindsey Marie Karnuth


Can I buy tickets to Lindseyland?

It's not a carnival ride but sometimes it does feel that way. All of the ins and outs of a small business is a lot of work! Especially, if you are inspired by many things... There are two main streams to Lindseyland. 
#1 is the ART made in Colorful Colorado. 
#2 is RESCUES. Pieces found in Colorado. 
These pieces will be posted for sale here or the Etsy store, LindseylandLLC. They are either reinvented, up-cycled, salvaged, or simply cleaned up before listing. Lindseyland is a WOSB located in Carbon Valley Colorado and selling made and found products in the USA.

Growing up, I always knew that art and creativity needed to be a part of my life. At age 4, my Grandma taught me how to draw her version of Mickey Mouse. From that moment on I couldn't stop creating art until that point in life where all are told to grow up and get a "real" job. I've always believed the quote, "The creative adult is the child that survived." The truth is we as artist's are constantly told that an art career is 'hard.' From my first job at a movie rental store at 15, I have always been in customer service. Whether I was behind a counter, a tray of food, a register or a desk, I have always been helping people within different industries. Looking back, I know that it was all in preparation to build and operate what would eventually be known as Lindseyland!

Lindseyland is a place for Art Therapy, so to speak. It's about helping you find something that suits your needs and brings happiness into your everyday life. A place you can find or make unique gifts. I can't stand the over produced decor in stores. Don't get me wrong, they have their place... I yearn for something that speaks more to me specifically my heart. We should love everything we own, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I want to share that passion with you and your home! Think about it, wouldn't you want a personalized gift that a generic one your neighbors might have? We offer one on one workshops and consultations if you can't find something that already fits you and your lifestyle in the WEB STORE or our ETSY STORE. Check back or follow us to see fresh finds! We are always looking for decor and furniture at auctions and flea markets for the store. Lindseyland consists of made and found products in the USA.

Lindseyland is about encouraging your creativity and expressing your individuality. Remember, we're here to help you express your Artsy Side. Everyone can be creative if given the right tools. Whether you desire a mural in your baby's room or want an entire room designed... Contact us! Maybe you need a painting to hang on a wall or a sculpture on your end table. Maybe you need an end table. Let us help you find or create original pieces that reflect who you are. Email or message us on Facebook anytime and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Referrals are greatly appreciated! Thank-you, love life and keep shining!

Need color in your home? We offer in-home consultations for $50.00/hr